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    Wopata is a little company, based in Bordeaux, who creates some applications for the android market.

    "Wopata collaborates notably with the NGO "Terre des hommes", Unicef, and the European commission ECHO service in software development adapted to ground factors, such as structural constraints and internet connection."

    The director of Wopata has a lot of new projects : "The Izypeo application offers companies software to calculate their Carbon Footprint (with respect to the recommendations set out by French agency ADEME). Permanently available, this application facilitates the collection of on-site data to become more eco-friendly."

    The Android Market is made by a lot of creator who try to have a powerfull product that can be "The One". There's a lot of application on Android Market, so we wish good luck to this company. Bordeaux is on the android market.

    If you want to learn more about Wopata.

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